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I'm a 25 year old artist with a degree in Sequential Art. When I can, I post art. When I can't, I post someone else's. This is my inspiration.



Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze (previously featured here) recently completed a fascinating new series of his exquisite taxidermy Fairies. These delicate sculptures are primarily composed of parts from many different insect species, but if you look closely you’ll notice bones, seeds and even a few scorpion parts as well.

Visit Cedric Laquieze’s blog for many additional images and to check out some of his other enchanting creations.

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Fascinating characters by Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson is a 26 year-old concept artist currently living in Canada and more precisely in Montreal when he works for the prestigious studio Ubisoft. He is specialized in character and creature design. They have generally a strange and tormented aspect.  Discover more illustrations on his portfolio, his CGHub and his DeviantArt.

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Maria Anatolyevna

Horrifying, entrancing, and brilliant, Russian artist Anatolyevna creates beautiful traditional works that give the viewers a haunting look into the the mind of a creator who has encapsulated the nuances of the grotesque and beautiful into one. Gaining inspiration from characters such as The Crow, realistic fantasy illustrators such as Frank Frazetta and N.C. Wyeth, as well as similar gothic fantasy artists such as Gerald Brom, Anatolyevna pursues her work with a delicate understanding of marksmanship to create these dark looks into her creative world. Her pencilwork is breath-taking.

You can also find her work here.

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Yoshimi Uchida

There’s so little on the internet about this artist, but Uchida’s work is so phenomenal it deserves all the attention it can get.  Active during the 1970s and early 80s, Uchida created multiple shoujo titles and artbooks to fill up to two volumes of manga in Ribon magazine. Her short story “Aki no Owari no Pianissimo” was on the Ribon editors’ list in 2005 of the 50 greatest manga to be published in the first 50 years of the magazine’s publication.

Her span of published work was short-lived.  Running out of ideas for new stories, Uchida lost her desire to create manga, unofficially retiring as a mangaka and has since disappeared into thin air.  No republications of her work or new art has surfaced since her golden age due to refusal or inability to contact the artist thus making her work quite valuable.

Elegant and leaning towards the more realistic stylings of manga, Uchida’s work is something to strive for in detail and composition.  Some of her work resembles the graphic sensibilities and hyper-detail of Alphonse Mucha and Aubrey Beardsley, while still bringing the Japanese manga culture the foundations of what to strive for much like Jack Kirby and Will Eisner brought to the table of Westernized comics.

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Faber Castell’s 250 Year Anniversary (1761-2011) Art & Graphic Case

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David Barclay

A London-based tattoo artist, Barclay’s work uses a blend of Polynesian and Far Eastern styles with exceptional geometric blackwork that is both eye-catching and fascinating.  Every inch of detail is concise and beautifully orchestrated to create influenced yet highly unique and original designs.

His line depth and focused attention to detail brings forth these elegantly mastered pieces while not overcompensating the ‘canvas’ with convoluted shading.

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This Is Easily The Lamest Thing To Post About

I never thought I’d say this, but I am well over seeing everybody’s fucking babies on my Facebook wall.  I got it the first 600 pictures of him/her looking like a pudgy well-oiled grub.

The first four times I was like, “Aw.  They’re kind of gross looking, but I guess that’s cute.”

Now I just feel like my cat keeps throwing up on my side of the bed.   

23 years old and dealing with my first world problems.

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New preview (1st pages) from “Le Monde de Milo” comic-book.

Drawn by french artist Christophe Ferreira, who work in Japan since many years as animator (Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna and Lupin III tv specials, Genius Party, Uchuu Kyoudai, Magic Tree House, Bleach, Wakfu’s Nox and Ogrest tv specials …).

It will be released on March 22th by Dargaud publisher.

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The Tatami Galaxy

I was talking about this show the other day.  The animation is so fluid and wonderfully clever along with the story.  

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Sergio Toppi (1932-2012.) Toppi was an Italian comic book artist known for his beautiful imagery and masterful ink work. Many of comics dealt with historical or mythological subject matter. He is Italian and his work seldom makes it over to the US, so finding specific examples is tough. Toppi has been and will always be a big influence on me and my work. His control of shapes and textures is fascinating.

Sadly I woke up this morning to news that he passed away. He had a very long and illustrious career comparable to the likes of the late Moebius. Luckily during the last leg of his life he worked with publisher Mosquito to create a very large collection of work. These books can be purchased through Stuart Ng Books and I recommend you pick up 1 or 2 to add to your collection.

It’s a very sad day today for the world of comics :( Toppi was one of the greats that I really admired, his lines and shapes are some of the boldest and most stylish. RIP Toppi.

A master of line and shape. He changed the way I thought about negative space. The world has lost another great. RIP Sergio Toppi, you were one of the best.

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