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The Elephant Factor

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I'm a 25 year old artist with a degree in Sequential Art. When I can, I post art. When I can't, I post someone else's. This is my inspiration.

Maria Anatolyevna

Horrifying, entrancing, and brilliant, Russian artist Anatolyevna creates beautiful traditional works that give the viewers a haunting look into the the mind of a creator who has encapsulated the nuances of the grotesque and beautiful into one. Gaining inspiration from characters such as The Crow, realistic fantasy illustrators such as Frank Frazetta and N.C. Wyeth, as well as similar gothic fantasy artists such as Gerald Brom, Anatolyevna pursues her work with a delicate understanding of marksmanship to create these dark looks into her creative world. Her pencilwork is breath-taking.

You can also find her work here.

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Sergio Toppi (1932-2012.) Toppi was an Italian comic book artist known for his beautiful imagery and masterful ink work. Many of comics dealt with historical or mythological subject matter. He is Italian and his work seldom makes it over to the US, so finding specific examples is tough. Toppi has been and will always be a big influence on me and my work. His control of shapes and textures is fascinating.

Sadly I woke up this morning to news that he passed away. He had a very long and illustrious career comparable to the likes of the late Moebius. Luckily during the last leg of his life he worked with publisher Mosquito to create a very large collection of work. These books can be purchased through Stuart Ng Books and I recommend you pick up 1 or 2 to add to your collection.

It’s a very sad day today for the world of comics :( Toppi was one of the greats that I really admired, his lines and shapes are some of the boldest and most stylish. RIP Toppi.

A master of line and shape. He changed the way I thought about negative space. The world has lost another great. RIP Sergio Toppi, you were one of the best.

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ElephantFactor will remain an artist spotlight/inspiration blog, but I’ve moved my artwork to its own little place on tumblr.  So check it out!

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Max Ernst.

One of the primary founders of the Surrealist Movement as well as a pioneering father for the Abstract Expressionists, Ernst work focused around technique and material while addressing subjectivity.  He developed the ‘frottage’ technique which involves rubbing a pencil on paper laid across a floor or textured surface to mimic the appearance of wood and other natural elements.  This became an icon for Surrealism’s belief in automatism.  The idea was to create random and free moving interactions to delve into the subconscious within.

Being a HUGE lover of Surrealism, Max Ernst is one of my all time favorite artists.  Hands down. 

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Trying to start a separate blog for my artwork.  For now, though, here’s a little something I’m working on.  I have one fish left to draw and ink (you can kind of see it…) and then it’s off to watercoloring before HeroesCon.

Trying to start a separate blog for my artwork.  For now, though, here’s a little something I’m working on.  I have one fish left to draw and ink (you can kind of see it…) and then it’s off to watercoloring before HeroesCon.

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Loaded with visual references to the writing of Franz Kafka and Hunter S. Thompson this incredibly slick animation was created by String Theory for online bookseller Good Books International that donates 100% of its profits to Oxfam. 

I love everything about this video.  Particularly complimenting Kafka’s Absurdist imagination with Hunter S. Thompson’s brilliant Gonzo imagery.  Plus, I love the shit out of Thompson.

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Following his 2008 cooking video, Western Spaghetti, check out PES’s Fresh Guacamole! He has an amazing eye for picking visual cues the viewer can assimilate with food items.


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Tim Walker.

Born in 1970 and currently based in London, Walker works for Vogue magazine creating photo shoots with romantic motifs and extravagant proportion and elements.  The size of some of his props are so incredible, it leaves the viewer and the model in a seemingly Victorian Alice in Wonderland-esque world.

Check out his website above for more of his fantastic work. The above photographs come from his Magical Thinking shoot for W Magazine.  Models included Asia Chow, Liu Wen, and Xiao Wen.

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This is almost a year old, but I’ve been saving it in my favorites on YouTube just to watch when I feel uninspired.  

Not the biggest fan of Incubus in the slightest, but Brandon Boyd’s conceptualization and graciousness towards his work and those who view it is highly respectful.  While never formally trained, Boyd’s work follows in the footsteps of graffiti and urban artists with its simplistic line and rhythm. 


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Samir Barrett is an amazing friend and and even amazing talent. That’s his art up above, and he’s also self-published a couple comics, along with is pal Dave Wheeler. He just needs one big break to make it into the industry. His creator-owned comics line, MindWave Comics, wants to set up a booth at C2E2 in Chicago this year; but recent medical issues have drained his bank account dry.

Guys, this will not do.

$400 will buy a round trip ticket from Atlanta to Chicago, the Greyhound trips to travel from Savannah to Atlanta, and hopefully a little extra to help cover any at-con costs.
I’m willing to pony up $100 of my own money for this, so we just need $300. And I know there must be 30 people who can spare $10 to do a good thing for a good guy.
Let’s send Samir to C2E2.

This is your morning signal boost. If you can donate a couple bucks, please do— we’ve already raised a third of the listed amount, and $200 overall. If not, please reblog! We really appreciate it!

Help a guy out if you can, friends.  He does great work, and is amazingly talented.  All he needs is a little support to boost him to his dream.  

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Yuko Shimizu, and not the Hello Kitty artist.

Shimizu is based in New York and is a highly successful freelance artist.  Currently, she is working on covers for the comic Unwritten.  Her covers are beautifully rendered with high volumes of inkwork and elegance combined together to create a brilliant mix of modernism with old Japanese woodblock pacing and flair. 

Dude.  This woman’s inking style is incomparable to anyone else.  Her dry brush technique is brilliant.  Also, if you are interested in becoming a freelance artist and just want some simple pointers, check out her FAQ on her website. 

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